2. Gene Regulation

Gene regulation and differences between species

Differences in gene regulation makes the different cell types in a multicellular organism (such as yourself) unique in structure and function. If we zoom out a step, gene regulation can also help us explain some of the differences in form and function between different species with relatively similar gene sequences.For instance, humans and chimpanzees have genomes that are about 98.8\%98.8%98, point, 8, percent identical at the DNA level.

The protein-coding sequences of some genes are different between humans and chimpanzees, contributing to the differences between the species. However, researchers also think that changes in gene regulation play a major role in making humans and chimps different from one another. For instance, some DNA regions that are present in the chimpanzee genome but missing in the human genome contain known gene-regulatory sequences that control when, where, or how strongly a gene is expressed.

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