1. Most Used Data Science Tools


ggplot2 is an advanced data visualization package for the R programming language. The developers created this tool to replace the native graphics package of R and it uses powerful commands to create illustrious visualizations.

It is the most widely used library that Data Scientists use for creating visualizations from analyzed data.Ggplot2 is part of tidyverse, a package in R that is designed for Data Science.

One way in which ggplot2 is much better than the rest of the data visualizations is aesthetics. With ggplot2, Data Scientists can create customized visualizations in order to engage in enhanced storytelling.

Using ggplot2, you can annotate your data in visualizations, add text labels to data points and boost intractability of your graphs. You can also create various styles of maps such as choropleths, cartograms, hexbins, etc. It is the most used data science tool.

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