9. Akbar - Birbal Stories

Gold Coin and Justice

Just like any other day in King Akbar’s court, once Akbar asked Birbal, “My dear Birbal if I tell you to choose between justice and a gold coin, what will you choose?” Without taking long to answer, Birbal replied, “My lord, I will choose a gold coin, without a doubt”. Everyone including king Akbar was aghast at Birbal’s instant reply and thought that this time Birbal had fumbled for once. King Akbar said, “I am very disappointed in you. Why would you choose something of lesser value like a gold coin over something as valuable as justice?” Birbal replied with a grin on his face, “My kind King, there is no dearth of justice because there is justice everywhere in your kingdom. I felt no need to ask something that I have in abundance but my lord, I surely fall short of money, and a gold coin would be nice”. Listening to this reply, Akbar was speechless, but he had a big smile on his face. He felt overjoyed with the reply and rewarded Birbal with 100 gold coins.


One should choose one’s words wisely.

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