What is remote ?

History of Remote Control

As we all know very well, the remote control made our lives very easy. As without leaving your seat, you can change the channel, volume, colors, and turn on or off the TV. Also, with a press of a button, you unlock your car doors.

The First Remote Control

In the 1800s, the remote control was made for the first time. In 1898, the first wireless remote control was invented by Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla. He used it to control the miniature boat through radio waves and gave it name the teleautomaton.

The Wireless Robot

Leonardo Torres invented a robot named Telekino with its own remote control in 1903. The electromagnetic waves technology became a pioneer in the field of a remote control when it was used by Torres to control the robot. Later, he guided a boat wirelessly and demonstrated the Telekino technology. Also, he had plans to control a torpedo with the help of a remote-control device.

The Military Use of Remote Controls

The first remote control plane was flown in around 1930. During the Second World War, the military used remote-control technology, and they worked extensively. Radio manufacturers were also using remote controls, and the Philco Mystery Control became the first consumer electronic device in 1939. It used a low-frequency radio transmitter as it was a wireless remote control.

The development of TV remote

The first TV remote was invented by Zenith Radio Corporation in 1950. To use this remote, you were required to use the TV remote control accurately at the photoelectronic sensors, and sometimes it was unable to work properly. Therefore, its use was difficult. The television had four sensors on each corner, these sensors were responding to the sun, lamps and ceiling lights, and sensitive to light. These functions were often caused to changes in the unexpected channel. But this was beneficial than to go near the TV to change the channel, volume by buttons available on TVs.

Robert Adler, of Zenith, invented the Space Command control in 1956. The Space Command used high-frequency ultrasonic sound to make the remote work, rather than to depend on the light. These remotes were included four buttons, such as ON, OFF, channel up, and channel down. They were not contained the volume control buttons.

In 1970, all-electronic remote control invented by RCA that uses digital signals and a memory MOSFET, which stands for metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor. Instead of motor-driven tuning controls, it was widely followed by color television.

Before using the infrared light signals in remotes, the ultrasonic sound was the standard for TV remotes till 1980. Then the infrared light signals were started to use in remotes, and soon remotes were available everywhere. The average American home had four remotes at the beginning of the year 2000, which were providing a way to the development and completing need of the universal remote.

Using Your Mobile Device as a Remote Control

Nowadays, a smartphone can also be used as a universal remote, which allows you to control your television and more other equipment around your home. As the popularity of smartphones are increasing day by day, people are using it for everything, as well as a remote control. Definitely, our life has been made very easy with remote control systems.

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