What is MAC ?

How a Mac and a PC are Different

The Mac OS is capable of supporting the left and right-click for the mouse and also allows users to connect the mouse with Mac, which they use on their Windows PC, whereas Apple’s Magic Mouse looks like a single button; it generates right-click while clicking it from the right side.

The keyboard shortcuts are many difficult steps for people switching from the Windows interface to a Mac. If you are working on the Mac clipboard and you use the shortcut key Control+C to copy something, you see that Control+C does not work to copy anything to the clipboard. The Command+C is used to copy anything on the Mac. Although it looks very simply, it is not very easy to feel as natural as much before. There are multiple terms about the difference between Mac and PC, which are described below:


Mac: Traditionally, Mac is considered more secure as it has fewer security vulnerabilities. As compared to PCs running Windows, Macs receive fewer viruses. On the basis of market rate, this number can be different as Apple’s computers are available only less than 10% of the market share. Resulting, it showed PCs that they have more vulnerabilities, but PCs are the best target if anyone tries to unauthorized or illegal access most computers.

PC: Computers running some version of Microsoft Windows are becoming the main target for attackers as they are used by most people today. It is being said that Windows computers had more security vulnerabilities in the past comparing to Apple computers.

Bottom line: In this category, Mac wins. However, there have made substantial improvements in security in newer editions of Windows. But due to most malware is created for PCs, the security issues are less with a Mac.


For Mac, the different software titles have increased over the years. However, when it comes to gaming, Windows are conquered by the computer software market. Due to the much larger user base, developers are more motivated to develop the software for PCs.

Bottom line: Due to the overall availability of software and free programs, PC wins in this category.


Mac: It is considered by many people that for a Mac computer, “you get what you pay for,” as compared to PC, a Mac computer comes along with its peripherals. But it is much costly from a dollar to performance viewpoint.

PC: Many PCs are much less expensive as compared to Mac, including their peripherals. As compared to others, they are especially cheaper.

Bottom line: When comparing all computers and hardware, PC wins this category. In some cases, a PC can be costly if you compare only high-end hardware.

Operating system

When it comes to comparing the operating system, it is just like comparing the apple and oranges. Both operating systems, macOS and Windows 10, are highly capable, fast, clean, simple operating systems. It comes down to the user’s specific requirements and personal preference.


Mac: Apple created a strong ecosystem with its products, such as Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. If you purchase an Apple computer, it helps you to communicate with other Apple products with the help of Mac OS.

PC: With the Xbox and Microsoft Office, Microsoft has a strong ecosystem. However, Microsoft must rely on Android devices and have no mobile products. Additionally, like Apple’s product’s ecosystem, other manufacturers product’s ecosystem is not as cohesive.

Bottom line: In this category, Mac wins but situationally.

Boot time

Bottom line: As compared to PC, Macs were faster to boot up. The operating system, Windows 10, performs is faster in some cases comparing macOS. The type of hard drive a computer uses is the single biggest component that helps to reduce boot time. Although PCs and Macs have SSDs available to them, they have much faster options that build PCs.


Mac: As Apple is the sole manufacturer of most of the hardware and these computers, which offers an advantage to Mac. Resulting, Apple has the ability to maintain and control most of their drivers.

PC: PCs need numerous drivers because they are built by various different manufacturers with interchangeable components. Although plug and play offer the advantage that it has made it easy to install hardware easily, all manufacturers are required to maintain drivers, and all hardware still requires drivers.


The interest of computer game companies has increased for Macs over the years. Although developers are more motivated to create gaming software for Windows, and it has also owned 90% of the market share.

Bottom line: Due to the wide development of gaming software for Windows operating systems by developers, PCs win this category.

Repair costs

Mac: Apple always tries to make its products as compact as possible and line as sleek. For doing that, they integrate their components continuously. Therefore, these computers require more cost when they need to be repaired. Also, Apple products are not easy or common to repair anywhere, like other products, which makes it harder to get your computer fixed. For other company products like Microsoft products, you can easily find any showroom or shop anywhere to repair these products.

PC: Desktop PCs can be repaired very easily by any local computer repairing shop. However, there are some models of PCs and laptops that can be difficult and expensive as an Apple laptop.

Bottom line: As it is easier to repair PC as compared to Mac; thus, PC wins this category.


Mac: Apple can provide much assistance when needing technical help or support with your Mac, which is not available with PCs. Because when users have any problems regarding their Apple products, they only need to deal with Apple as its products are designed and built only by Apple. Additionally, for Apple products, Apple has a lot of stores all over the world that provides in-person help and support.

PC: With PCs, the support can be hit or miss on the basis of the OEM and the kind of problem you are having if you purchase an OEM PC (e.g., Dell or HP). Although there are a lot of shops that repair computer problems, they offer no training and can be unsuitable for repairing for a brand of computer. Finally, you will deal with a lot of different manufacturers for support if you build your own computer.

Touch capability

Mac does not offer touch screen capability when it comes to desktop and laptop computers. It provides Touch Bar on some MacBooks, Whereas PCs come with touch capability. Thus, PCs win this category.

Additional disclaimers

All PC’s are not the same

All the PCs are not the same; there are multiple models of computers and different PC manufacturers that means every PC has not all things or does not apply to every PC, which is mentioned above. Hence, all PCs are not the same.

My Apple can run Windows

All stated above may not apply to your Mac because Microsoft Windows is able to run on Apple computers with the help of using Boot Camp. Also, by using Boot Camp, on the Mac, you may be able to run the newest games. However, Boot Camp is not perfect and not completely able to run every game on the computer until PC games have not developed compatible with Apple hardware. Thus, it is much possible to have performance problems and encounter issues.

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

Windows XP has passed 18 years in the market. Therefore, if you compare a Windows XP computer with a new iMac with macOS, it is just like comparing an old model of car with the latest model of car, e.g., Maruti 800 comparing with Ferrari or another new model of cars. If you are comparing any computer, it is the right way to compare a new model of computers with similar hardware components.

Some people do not like Windows or macOS

There are some people who don’t like any type of operating system, Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows. It is completely dependent on the users which one OS they want to use; if they do not like using Microsoft Windows, get a Mac, and if they do not like using macOS, get a PC accordingly.

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