What is a server ?

How can be connected with other computers to a server?

In a local network, the server connects to a switch or a router that uses all the other computers over the network. When it is connected to the network, other computers have the capability of accessing the server and all its services. For instance, a user can connect to the server to visit a website and can communicate with other users over the internet via a web server.

Although, an internet server acts like a local network server on a bigger scale. Through a web host or an InterNIC, the server is assigned an IP address.

With a domain name registrar, a domain name is registered by which users can connect to a server. Once the users are connected to the domain name (like, then automatically name is translated to the server’s IP address with the help of a DNS resolver.

A domain name is easier to remember as compared to an IP address, which is beneficial for users to connect to the server. Additionally, domain names allow the server operator to change the IP address of the server without affecting the services at the time of accessing the server. Although the IP address can be changed, the domain name always remains the same.

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