2. How to cash out bitcoin on various platform and apps

How Do You Cash Out Bitcoin?

Whether you’re a newly minted crypto millionaire or just want to get out before you lose any more, the process to cash out bitcoin is the same. In general, you follow the opposite steps you took when buying bitcoin, and there may be a few more clicks involved than when purchasing.

The main steps when cashing out cryptocurrency are:

  1. Exchange your cryptocurrency for your local currency.
  2. Transfer funds from your cryptocurrency account to your bank account.

If you have funds held in any cryptocurrency wallet that’s not connected to an exchange, you may have to transfer your cryptocurrency to exchange before you start with step one. (Or sell by direct trade or other methods.)

When transferring crypto between wallets, take extreme care that your receiving address is 100% accurate. If you send to the wrong address or an incompatible wallet, your funds will likely be gone for good.

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