How does the motherboard connect to the computer case?

A motherboard is attached to a case of a desktop computer with the help of standouts. When the motherboard is connected to the computer case, all other devices are connected to the installed expansion card or the motherboard.

  • Standout: The standouts are also known as spacer or standoff, which are little plastic or metal screws that connect to a computer case to hold the motherboard, as shown in the below image.
    What is a Motherboard
    Standouts have the ability to keep away a motherboard from touching the computer case. If the motherboard touches the metal computer case, it can cause any defect in the motherboard. A defect can cause damage to the motherboard, and generate a problem to start up the computer system. Thus, the use of standouts is beneficial to save from occurring problems and prev/ent damage to the motherboard.

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