5. General Stories

How Iro Met the S’iring

Many years ago, there lived in a small village a young man named Iro. Iro was a good man and he had a friend named Atun who lived in the same village as him.

Like most villagers in his days, Iro used to smoke now and then. He liked to smoke after his lunch and he always bought some tobacco in the morning and kept it in his reserve as all shops in the village remained closed in the afternoon because their owners took a little nap after their lunch.

One day, after Iro had his lunch, he took out his pouch to find that it was empty. He remembered that he had to forgot to buy tobacco in the morning and there was not even a little bit of it left in his pouch that he could use. It was about two o’clock in the afternoon, too late for him to go to any of the local shops. So he decided to get some tobacco from one of his neighbors.

As Iro came out of his house, he found the road empty. It was late in the afternoon and he could not see anyone.

“I should go to Atun. Maybe, he can borrow me some of his tobacco.” thought Iro. And he walked in the direction of Atun’s house.

But as he neared Atun’s house, he heard someone calling him. He turned back to find Atun standing near him.

“What’s the matter Iro?” asked his friend.

Iro asked Atun if he could lend him some tobacco. Atun replied that he had none.

“But I’ve got some tobacco hidden away in a place in the woods. Let us go and get it.” he said.

So the two friends started walking towards the woods. As they were about to enter the forest, Iro was suddenly called from behind. He turned again to find that it was Atun who was calling him.

Iro was startled. It was just seconds ago that Atun was walking before him. How did he go back then? He turned and saw that there was none before him.

“Are you looking for someone?” asked Atun.

“Were you not walking before me?” asked an astonished Iro “how did you go behind?” But his friend Atun laughed, and said, “I have not been anywhere. I saw you just now and I was curious as to why you were going into the woods.”

Then Iro was convinced that a S’iring had impersonated Atun and tried to lure him into the forest. S’irings are just like ghouls who feed on the dead bodies in graves and is also known to lure innocent people into lonely places and kill them to eat their flesh. It was Atun’s timely intervention that saved Iro from getting killed in the hands of the ghoul.

When you have a companion, S’irings cannot hurt you.

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