Silvadene cream

How It Works

When it comes to wound care and healing, silver isn’t new to the scene; it’s used in other methods besides Silvadene. For example, it’s infused in wound dressings and other products due to its potent, broad-spectrum, infection-fighting qualities.

Silvadene belongs to a class of medications called sulfa drugs, but its exact mechanism of action is unknown. Unlike other drugs in the sulfa category, Silvadene doesn’t exert its anti-infective properties by inhibiting folic acid synthesis. Instead, it defends against infectious agents by damaging both the cell membrane and the cell wall. This makes it suitable for suppressing the growth of bacteria and also of yeasts like Candida albicans.

When a wound or burn is present, Silvadene helps to stop infections from spreading to the surrounding skin or invading the bloodstream, where it could cause a life-threatening condition known as sepsis.

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