10. Motley Fool stock advisor vs Rule breakers

How Motley Fool Rule Breakers vs. Stock Advisor Work

Both of these newsletters are from The Motley Fool and rely heavily on the personalities of the founders of the company.

How Motley Fool Rule Breakers Works

Basically, David Gardner and a team of analysts try to identify stocks that have some sort of “it” factor — a distinct competitive advantage — that could propel them to high growth even if it seems like there’s something a bit off with the fundamentals of the company. The newsletter makes recommendations and if you choose to go along with those recommendations, you could potentially see big gains.

Specifically, Rule Breakers provides two new stock picks every month that are high-conviction buys. New members also get five “best buys now” picks that are Motley Fool’s favorite companies out of 200+ candidates.

Picks from Rule Breakers, according to The Motley Fool, are up 174% since it started in 2004, as of June 20, 2022. However, it’s important to note that even though there’s a high potential for growth, there could also be a high potential for loss. Rule Breakers stocks don’t always perform as well as expected. On the other hand, the successes might make up for the failures.

How Motley Fool Stock Advisor Works

Both Tom and David Gardner make recommendations in this newsletter. Tom’s style of fundamental analysis tends to lean toward value stocks and those that are likely to provide long-term returns that are a little more stable. Once again, for this newsletter, David is more likely to recommend stocks that are a little less conventional but could be poised for a breakout.

Like Rule Breakers, Stock Advisor also provides two new stock picks per month. You also get 10 timely buys chosen from 300+ stocks.

Since its start in 2002, according to The Motley Fool, Stock Advisor picks have returned 309%, as of June 20, 2022.

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