Are you treating your heat rash right way?

How to Avoid Heat Rash

The best way to deal with a heat rash is to avoid getting one. This may take some planning and forethought. However, it’ll be well worth it when you—and your child—aren’t dealing with an itchy rash.

Allow Your Baby to Go Without Diapers

Plastic diapers don’t breathe, meaning they can make your baby sweat and then trap that sweat in the folds of their skin. That’s right where it’s most likely to cause a heat rash. Especially if you’re outside, let your baby run around without the diaper during the heat of the day.

Use Cotton Diapers

If you’re someplace where you can’t let your baby go without a diaper, consider using cotton diapers on hot days. Cotton is a breathable fabric, so it’ll allow your baby’s skin to stay much drier than plastic.

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