1. Introduction to Solidity

How to Execute The Code

How to Execute the Code

You can execute a Solidity Program in two ways – 

  1. Offline Mode
  2. Online Mode

Offline Mode 

To operate a Solidity smart contract in Offline mode, it must meet three conditions and follow four essential actions:

  • Conditions
  1. Download and install node.js.
  2. Install Truffle globally.
  3. Install ganache-cli.
  • Actions
  1. Create a truffle project and set up a development network for it.
  2. Develop and deploy a smart contract for it.
  3. From the Truffle console, interact with the smart contract.
  4. Create tests to evaluate Solidity’s primary features.

Online Mode 

In the Online Mode, the Remix IDE is typically used to compile and run Solidity smart contracts.


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