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How to factory reset a computer

Generally, we need to reset a system when it becomes too old or running out of memory. We need to remove the data and remove such issues from the computer. Resetting a system is the best way to handle such a sluggish and unresponsive system. Instead of throwing away such system or spending dollars on it, factory reset is the best trick and way to overcome the problem. It is also advised that we should factory reset the computer system once in a year because it will save and prevent our system from speed problems or any other problematic factors.

Here, we will learn the method through which we can factory reset a computer.

What is Factory Reset

A factory reset is the restoration of the computer software back to its original state. The factory reset is also known as Master reset. It removes all the data and changes and brings the system to its previous state. Only the software and programs which are pre-installed in the computer are not affected by the Factory reset. So, if we need to keep our data and do not want to lose it, backup is an option for it. Backup all the important files and data which you do not want to keep on the computer.

Requirements for Factory Reset

There should be any of the followings things applicable in the computer for restoring our system to its factory settings:

  1. We need an original Windows installation disc. Such a disc has Windows setups like Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1 Pro, or Windows 10.
  2. There should be a recovery partition installed in our computer system, which is generally installed by the manufacturer of the computer like HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc.
  3. Any sets of recovery disks are also applicable that comes with the computer when we buy it from the seller. These discs are used for factory restore.

Any of these requirements, when fulfilled, we can easily proceed to the factory reset.

Apart from these, if we are unable to fulfill these discussed requirements, we have some other options available too. They are:

  1. We can use the ‘System Restore’ option, which is provided in every Windows version. Also, this feature is enabled by default in Windows. This feature is able to restore the computer to its factory settings. But, take care of whether the system Restore is enabled in the system.
  2. We can use Recovery Essentials, which is present in the Windows Operating System. But we can use this option for suitable errors only. Such recovery essentials are not applicable to every kind of errors. A recovery essential is known as the ‘Automated Repair’ feature that can help to handle automatically and fix the boot errors plus its system Restore option to quickly restore our system. It allows to access and backup files, antiviruses, essential files, antivirus, and other data also.

But, these options should be applied in case there is an urgent need for the factory reset. These are the emergency points to save our data and computer from tactic problems. Otherwise, proceed with the above-discussed requirements only.

Steps to Factory Reset a Computer

Here, we will discuss the steps to factory reset the computer system having Windows 10 Operating System:

Step 1: Backup all the important files and other data.

Step 2: Search and connect the disks (as discussed above) with the computer so that it may help to restore the computer to its factory settings.

Step 3: Open the Settings on the computer either by searching on the search bar or press Windows + A keys together, and a panel will open at the right corner. Click on the ‘Settings’ option.

How to factory reset a computer

Step 4: The ‘Settings’ windows will open up. Click on the ‘Update & Security’ icon from it. A snapshot is shown below:

How to factory reset a computer

Step 5: In the ‘Update& Security’ window, select and click on’ the Recovery’ option present appearing in the panel at the left corner. As you can see in the below: snapshot:

How to factory reset a computer

Step 6: We can see three options under the ‘Recovery’ page. As we have to factory reset the system, so we need to go with the first option, i.e., Reset this PC. Click on ‘Get Started’ under this option. We can also go with the Advanced Startup option, but it will deeply modify the system. So’ its better to go with the first option. A snapshot is shown below:

How to factory reset a computer

Step 7: The reset process will begin. Initially, it will ask to choose from’ Keep my files’ or ‘Remove Everything’. Pick out an option and proceed to ‘Next’ as shown below:

How to factory reset a computer

Here, we have selected the ‘Remove Everything’ option.

Step 8: Just follow the instruction according to your picked option, and finally, the reset window will open. Think again and reset the system by clicking on the Reset button. If you wish to cancel, click on the Cancel button.

How to factory reset a computer

Difference between Factory Reset and Hard Reset

The below table describes the differences between both terms:

Factory ResetHard Reset
The reset option resets the entire computer system, i.e., it erases A to Z information of an electronic device such as computers, laptops, mobiles, etc.It is the subpart of the factory reset that is used for resetting hardware devices. It only reboots the hardware of the electronic system.
When we apply the factory reset, the whole system gets formatted.When we apply hard reset, only the particular hardware gets formatted. For example, if we want to reset a PenDrive, we can connect it to the computer and format it easily. It brings the device back to its original state.
A factory reset is a time-consuming process because t retrieves all the date from the system and then erases it one by one.It is a very quick process because we only reset the particularly affected hardware devices and not the entire system in a hard reset.
It is more efficient and should be done at least once a year.It is efficient and may be done when necessary or when any problem occurred.

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