6. Germination

How to Germinate Seeds Successfully Every Time

how to germinate seeds onion plants germinating

Starting seeds at home can be an extremely exciting and enjoyable part of your gardening experience. After ordering seeds from various catalogues, setting up your seed starting rack and lights, and gathering all of your supplies, it’s time to finally plant.

When you first break open those seeds packets it feels like a miracle to hold tiny, new seeds in your hands. And it’s exciting to imagine the day when they’ll grow big enough to provide you and your family with harvests of beautiful vegetables.

Growing your own food from seed is quite an amazing process!

Unfortunately, it can also be frustrating when you have trouble getting those stubborn seeds to germinate into the plants that will eventually provide you with the food you’re so eagerly anticipating.

If you’ve been foiled by your seeds in the past because you don’t quite understand how to germinate seeds evenly and quickly, I have good news!

There are a few simple tricks you can incorporate into your seed starting process that will help you increase your success rate and avoid seed starting disappointments.

Let’s get started in learning five tips for how to germinate seeds successfully every time.

germinating seeds

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