How to Manage Your Heart Health

In some ways, managing your heart condition during a pandemic stays the same. For example, just as you did before the COVID-19 outbreak, keep up with heart-healthy habits, manage stress and don’t stop any medications without talking with your care team.

You also will want to protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as your are able. In addition, you might want to take advantage of telemedicine for virtual visits. 

Also, it’s a good idea to have essential supplies, food and medications on hand. Of course, these recommendations may change over time depending on the rise and fall of COVID-19 in your area. 

Don’t Ignore Heart Attack or Stroke Symptoms

Heart attacks and strokes will still happen during a pandemic. These are medical emergencies, and getting quick care is critical to limit any heart or brain damage. It also will help you or a loved one get better faster.

Don’t delay calling 911 because of fears that you might get COVID-19 at the hospital. Hospitals have safety measures in place to protect you from infection. 

Bottom line: When compared with contracting COVID-19, you are much more likely to have a bad outcome if you ignore symptoms related to your heart condition.

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