How to use Epipen?

How to Use an EpiPen on a Child

Remove the EpiPen From Its Package

Child holding EpiPen

Remove the cap from the container and slide out the EpiPen.

Remove the Gray Safety Cap

Removing gray cap from EpiPen

Remove the gray safety cap from the EpiPen. It won’t work unless the cap is removed.

Position the Child to Receive the Injection

Woman administers EpiPen to child

If the child is older, you can have them sit or lie on the ground. If the child is younger, you can seat them in your lap. You will be injecting the EpiPen into the outer part of their upper thigh, so you need to position the child in a way that allows you to jab their thigh.

Inject the Epinephrine

Injecting an EpiPen

Grasp the EpiPen in a fist. Do not put your fingers on either end of the EpiPen. Position the rounded tip of the EpiPen against the middle of the child’s outer thigh (upper leg).

Hold the child’s leg firmly in place, then deliver the medicine by jabbing the EpiPen into their thigh. Push it into the thigh firmly. Listen for a click. The click signals that the epinephrine is being delivered.

Hold the EpiPen in place while slowly counting to three. After three seconds, the injection is complete and you can remove the EpiPen from their thigh.

Again, you do not need to remove the child’s clothes to administer the EpiPen. The EpiPen’s needle can penetrate clothing.

Call 911 and Discard the EpiPen

Woman holding EpiPen
Ana Maria Serrano / Getty Images

Once the EpiPen is used, call 911. Do your best to keep the child calm while you wait for the ambulance. To prevent shock, you can have the child lay on the ground with their feet elevated.

Do not attempt the reuse the EpiPen. The used EpiPen must now be properly discarded. The ambulance crew will be able to throw the used EpiPen away in their sharps container, or you may need to discard it in its original container.

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