How to invest FAQ's

How will my portfolio be created?

We recommend and manage a portfolio for you based on a number of different factors, including:

Your risk tolerance: How comfortable are you with taking on financial risk? We’ll ask you questions to help gauge your risk appetite, and use that information to suggest one of five risk levels for your portfolio.

Your goal: Are you saving for retirement? For a major purchase like a new home? We’ll base our investment strategy and dynamically adjust your levels of risk based on the kind of goal you’re working toward.

Your time horizon: How long do you have before you’ll need your money back? Generally speaking, the more time you have, the longer you’ll have to potentially earn back any market losses; the less time you have, the more conservative you’ll likely want to be, to protect against losing your capital. We’ll use this information to recommend and manage a portfolio fitted to your timelines. 

We offer portfolio choices based on your objectives and preferences – you can align your investments with your values, opt for a research-driven strategy that seeks to maximize returns, or focus on minimizing fees.

You can also choose to set aside a portion of your overall portfolio toward a theme that focuses on a particular market trend or investment idea, like investing in gender diversity or next-wave technology.

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