3. Types of computer

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computer has features of both analogue and digital computer. It is fast like an analogue computer and has memory and accuracy like digital computers. It can process both continuous and discrete data. It accepts analogue signals and convert them into digital form before processing. So, it is widely used in specialized applications where both analogue and digital data is processed. For example, a processor is used in petrol pumps that converts the measurements of fuel flow into quantity and price. Similarly, they are used in airplanes, hospitals, and scientific applications.

Advantages of using hybrid computers:

  • Its computing speed is very high due to the all-parallel configuration of the analogue subsystem.
  • It produces precise and quick results that are more accurate and useful.
  • It has the ability to solve and manage big equation in real-time.
  • It helps in the on-line data processing.

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