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I am not able to receive SMS, why is it so?

If you are unable to receive, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • 1. You have not registered your mobile number with us. You can do so by calling our Customer Service Hotline at <800820808(landline)/ 4008888083(mobile)> for instant registration or visiting us at any of our branches to fill up the form to update your personal particulars.
  • 2. You are using a mobile phone number other than your registered mobile phone number. You can only receive your 2FA with your current and registered mobile phone number. To update your mobile number, simply call our Customer Service Hotline for instant update or visit any of our branches to fill up the Update of Personal Particulars Form.
  • 3. Your mobile number has been registered by others. If you confirm that the mobile phone number is in your possession, please visit our branch and submit the real name supporting materials of the Telecom company.
  • 4. There may be some service delays or interruptions by your mobile service providers. Delays could arise due to high SMS load, e.g. festive seasons, service outage, earthquakes, etc.
  • 5. Your mobile phone may be out of network coverage. Please check the signal strength on your phone. You may need to shift your phone to an area where there is better network coverage.
  • 6. Your SMS inbox of your phone may be full. You will need to delete some SMS from your phone inbox before new incoming SMS can be received.

Please kindly contact our Service Consultants at <800820808(landline)/ 4008888083(mobile)> for further assistance.

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