1.Basics of biology

Importance of Biology

Biology is the scientific way to understand life. Knowing the biological processes and functions of life is essential to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation in life. Furthermore, it opens an avenue of resources for use in medicine and industry. How a biological process proceeds, its regulatory systems, and its components can lead to better awareness. For example, conservation efforts could begin to save a species that has been classified as endangered, i.e. on the verge of extinction.


A specialist or an expert in the field of biology is called a biologist. Biologists look upon the biophysical, biomolecular, cellular, and systemic levels of an organism. They attempt to understand the mechanisms at play in various biological processes that govern life. They are also interested in coming up with innovations to create and improve life. Some of them have advocacies and are concerned with the conservation of species. Depending on the nature and objectives of their research, they may be found conducting research inside a laboratory. Others carry out their scientific pursuits outside, such as in diverse habitats where an organism or a population of organisms thrive.

The biological study can be traced back to early times. Aristotle, for instance, was a Greek philosopher in Athens known for his contributions to philosophy and biology. He was the first person to study biology systematically. Some of his popular works include the History of AnimalsGeneration of AnimalsMovement of AnimalsParts of Animals. Much of his botanical studies, though, were lost. Because of his many pioneering studies, he is regarded by many as the “Father of Biology”.

At present, biologists are now seeking the potential use of biology in other fields, such as medicine, agriculture, and industry. One of the most recent breakthroughs is CRISPR — a gene-hacking tool used by scientists to splice specific DNA targets and then replace them with a DNA that would yield the desired effect. One of its promises is that it can correct physiological anomalies due to mutated or defective gene mutations.

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