1. Basics of Matlab

Installation of Matlab

Steps to Install MATLAB

Now we are going to install Matlab R2018b, which is currently the latest version in this blog.

Step 1: Select any browser installed on your computer and opens the browser. I will be using Google Chrome for now to install Matlab.

Step 2: Type ‘MathWorks’ in the browser search.


Step 3: Click the link MathWorks- Makers of Matlab and Simulink- MATLAB & Simulink.

Makers of MATLAB and Simulink

Step 4: On clicking the link, you will be directed to the home page of MathWorks, and this is how the screen looks.

Step 5: Scroll down, and you will find a link as shown below in black rectangular block, which will give you the highlights of this particular release.

How to Install MATLAB

Step 6: On clicking, you will come to the below page, and if you scroll down, you can see the various Release Highlights and click on them if you want to know more.

Step 7: On scrolling further down, you will find two buttons, as shown below.

For now, please click on the link and install MATLAB ‘Get a trial ’.

Step 8: On clicking the above link, you will be redirected to a different page, and the trial version is only 30 days. On scrolling down, you will see the various trail packages.

All the trail packages are given below:

  • Data Analytics
  • Image Processing
  • Signal Processing and Communications
  • Computational Finance
  • Control Systems
  • Computational Biology

Give your mail id in the email text field and click continue.

Step 9: On clicking, you will redirect to a page that will ask you to create an account and continue with your product trial. After filing the details, press the create button.

On clicking you will redirect

Step 10: Click continues with the current email as shown below.

Step 11: It will then ask you to verify the email. Go to your inbox and click on the verify button provided in your inbox, and you will be redirected to Account Information. Please fill in the details and click on create to install the Matlab.

Create to install the MATLAB

Step 12: You can then select the various packages you want to be part of your trial version as shown below and select continue to install Matlab.

  • Data Analytics
  • Image Processing
  • Signal Processing and Communications
  • Computational Finance
  • Control System
  • Computational Finance
select the various packages

Step 13: Select the appropriate links as per your environment and intended use and click continue.

appropriate links

Step 14: Download as per your computer’s operating system, mine is Windows, so I will download Windows (64-bit).

computer’s operating system

Step 15: On clicking the desired link as per your OS, it starts downloading and wait until its get downloaded.

Step 16: Double click the set-up it will start extracting with Win-Zip self-extractor as shown below.

Win-Zip self-extractor

Step 17: Click yes when the below pop-up asking your permission comes and the installer will start the process of install Matlab.

Process of install MATLAB

Step 18: Click next and you will get the below screen.

Click next and you will get

Step 19: Click on yes and click Next and you will get the below dialog box.

Click on yes and click Next

Step 20: Enter your email address and password and click Next and then select a license as shown below, after selecting a license click Next.

Enter your email address and password

Step 21: After clicking next select the destination folder then click Next to start the installation process as shown below.

the destination folder and click

Step 22: It will then ask for selecting the tool-box you want to get installed. Select the toolbox as per your need.

Selecting the tool-box to get installed

Step 23: A confirmation dialog box will appear select Next to start the installation process. It will take some time depending on your internet speed.

Confirmation dialog box

Step 24: Once installed completely, You will get the below page. Click on Finish.

Once installed completely

Step 25: On clicking finish, it means MATLAB is installed, MATLAB application will open and it will look like this.

MATLAB is installed

This ends the tutorial on Matlab installation.

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