What is User name

Is Username the same as Email Address?

A username is a name that identifies you on a website or server; generally, it is given to a user on a computer network or computer system that manages secure user accounts. However, it is a constraint of the system your account exists in, and it depends on your discretion. It is most important to understand what is actual usernames and how they are stored, which can be more beneficial to know why it is more important to keep high secure username. Usually, users think about keeping high secure passwords, but it is also important to select a better username.

Usernames and Email Addresses

A username is simply a phrase, word, combination of numbers, or characters used by a Web server to recognize users with their accounts on the server or network. In general, a username includes ASCII code that represents symbols, punctuation, Roman alphabet letters, numbers; it also represents space characters in some cases that may be white space or tab space. However, the working process of username is dependent on the kind of applications that are used on the server. In this scenario, although an email address is not for act as a username, it can function as a username.

Username Storage

When the user accounts are enabled by the server, generally, they are stored on the server in a database. Within the database, the username will be stored along with a password created by you that offers security as no one can access the account without the correct password. For instance, the database may have a table within the server that contains usernames and passwords. When you try to log in by using your email address as your username, the server will find your email address and corresponding password in the database. Then, you enter the password; the server will match your entered password and allow access if the password has matched. Otherwise, the account will not be accessed.

Secure Username Practices

Although you will not set the password like your username, it can be. There are more chances for your email address to be your username in certain services, such as your email. However, it is not considered a best practice to use your email address as a username for all of your accounts. If a hacker or unauthorized person hacks your one account and identifies your password, he can get access to your all account that you have set your email address as your username, which can be more harmful in terms of security. You can avoid this issue by using different usernames across different services; also, you should be use services that can encrypt or hash password information.

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