2. Job Role, Skills, and Salary of Data Scientist vs Data Analyst vs Data Engineer:

Job Descriptions and Organizational Roles

Data Scientist employs advanced data techniques such as clustering, neural networks, decision trees, and the like for deriving business insights. In this role, you will be the senior-most in a team and should have deep expertise in machine learning, statistics, and data handling. You will be responsible for developing actionable business insights after they get inputs from Data Analysts and Data Engineers. You should have the skill-set of both data analyst and data engineer. However, in the case of a data scientist, the skill sets need to be more in-depth and exhaustive.

Data Analyst occupies an entry-level role in a data analytics team. In this role, you need to be adept at translating numeric data into a form that can be understood by everyone in an organization. Moreover, you need to have required proficiency in several areas, including programming languages such as python, tools such as excel, fundamentals of data handling, reporting, and modeling.  With enough experience under your belt, you can gradually progress from a data analyst to assume the role of a data engineer and a data scientist. 

Data Engineers are the intermediary between data analysts and data scientists. As a data engineer, you will be responsible for the pairing and preparation of data for operational or analytical purposes. A lot of experience in the construction, development, and maintenance of the data architecture will be demanded from you for this role. Usually, in this role, you will get to work on Big Data, compile reports on it, and send it to data scientists for analysis.

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