5. General Stories

Kings must be clever

Every year the animals met to choose a new king. One year, the cheekiest of all the monkeys danced around the animals, turning cartwheels and swinging from the branches. “Very good,” cried the animals. “Very clever. You deserve to be king for a year.” “Huh!” said Freddie the Fox. “That monkey is just a fool.

Watch this.” Nearby there was a trap with some meat in it. Freddie said to the monkey : “As you are our new king I want to give you a gift. Here is a nice piece of meat I was keeping just for myself.”

With a squeak of delight the monkey leapt it, and the trap snapped shut. “My dear little monkey,” said Freddie as he opened the trap and let him out, “if you want to be a king of all the animals you’ve got to learn to be clever.”

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