5. Ultrasound Knobology and Settings

Knobology Step 3: Application Preset

After switching to the correct ultrasound probe, the next step is to select the correct application preset for that transducer.

Each transducer will have a different list of application presets based on its frequency and footprint. The ultrasound device companies will create application presets that make sense for those specific probes.

Think of selecting the ultrasound application preset like how you would select the correct preset for your point and shoot camera. You would use a different setting for day mode versus light mode. The camera will help adjust the settings to optimize for those specific conditions.

Selecting the correct application preset is similar in that it will automatically select the ideal frequency, depth, and gain for that application (i.e. cardiac vs abdominal). This gives you a great starting point to further fine-tune your image with the other knobs/buttons (depth, gain, focus, TGC, etc). In addition, the ultrasound will always start in B-mode or “greyscale” mode by default.

Ultrasound Preset Buttons
Ultrasound Preset Buttons

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