5. Commercial bank and service offered by bank

List of top Commercial Banks known as the World Largest Bank ranked by total assets (in million)

Bank / Holding Company NameRankConsolidated Assets
JP Morgan Chase & Co.1Appox. $20,96,114
Bank of America Corp.2Appox. $15,99,746
Wells Fargo & Company3Appox. $15,71,389
Citibank4Appox. $13,35,871
U.S. Bancorp5Appox. $4,05,363
PNC Financial Services Group6Appox. $3,40,231
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation7Appox. $3,16,699
State Street Bank & Trust Co.8Appox. $2,74,919
Capital One9Appox. $2,53,202
Toronto-Dominion Bank10Appox. $2,34,389

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