1. Investment Banking and Services offered by banks

List of top Investment Banks in terms of revenue in 2015

RankBank NameFoundedRevenue
1J.P. Morgan & Co.2000Approx. US$ 94 billion
2Bank of America Merrill Lynch2009Approx. US$ 85 billion
3Goldman Sachs1869Approx. US$ 40 billion
4Morgan Stanley1935Approx. US$ 34 Billion
5Citigroup1812Approx. US$ 77 billion
6Deutsche Bank1870Approx. EUR 32 billion
7Credit Suisse1856Approx. CHF 25 billion
8Barclays1690Approx. EUR 25 billion
9Wells Fargo1852Approx. US$ 84 billion
10UBS1854Approx. CHF 64 billion

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