3. Bedtime Stories

Little Ant’s Big Plan

Little Ant wears glasses and sits on top of a book. The other ants hold items of food.

Little Ant loved to read. Little Ant was often


“Ants don’t read. Ants must feed. Ants collect the

food they need.”

A boy lies on a picnic blanket reading a book. The ants carry away his picnic food.

Little Ant would read all day, he’d read and read

the day away.

The other ants took what they found to store for

winter underground.

Inside his ant heap, Little Ant's Mum and Dad scold him about reading books all the time. His little sister watches with interest.

His mum and dad got really mad, and Little Ant

felt really bad.

The trees are bare and autum leaves are all around. The ants look under the leaves and collect a discarded apple core.

In autumn when the leaves fall down, the ants

must keep food underground.

The Queen addresses the ants.

The Queen wants food to fill the store, so all the

ants must work some more.

Little Ant's thought bubble shows a hamburger and a restaurant table.

Little Ant begins to shout about a place he read about.

“A restaurant is what we need, a place where

people go to feed.

It says so in the books I read.”

The ants march through the day and into the night.

The ants go marching one by one.

They march into the setting sun.

Little Ant reaches a burger restaurant with tables inside and out.

And Little Ant said “Hey, there’s one!”

The ants carry hot dogs, burgers and chicken drumsticks through the day and into the night.

The ants go marching one by one, carrying a

burger, carrying a bun.

The Queen shakes Little Ant's hand. The rest of the ants cheer.

When they return the Queen is glad.

The stores are full. They cheer like mad.

Inside his ant heap, Little Ant's Mum and Dad hug Little Ant. His little sister beams happily.

Ant gets hugs from mum and dad.

The boy is reading a book. Little Ant and his little sister hold hands on top of the boy's shoulder.

His baby sister takes his hand “Now I think I


“The way you love to read a book

… Makes me want to take a look.”

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