Brown Recluse Spider bites


Necrotic arachnidism is a condition that can potentially occur when a person is bit by a spider that has venom that causes tissue to die.

When that spider is a brown recluse spider, the condition is referred to as loxoscelism. This is because the brown recluse belongs to a genus of spiders known as Loxosceles.

Loxoscelism only occurs in a minority of brown recluse spider bites. When it does, the effects are most often limited to the skin around the bite (local).

Local symptoms of loxoscelism due to a brown recluse spider bite include:

  • Reddened skin around the bite
  • A blister that forms at the bite site
  • Mild to intense pain and itching for two to eight hours after the bite
  • An open sore (ulcer) and tissue death that develops a week or more after the bite. The sore may take months to heal.

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