7. Stock rover review

Main Features

Investment Screeners

Investment screeners let you quickly sift through the markets to find stocks or funds that meet specific criteria. And Stock Rover goes far beyond the typical free screeners on large investment data websites. Stock Rover equips you with 140 prebuilt screeners and features to build customized screeners based on over 500 different criteria.

StockRover Stock Screener, Dividend Stocks

The customized screeners let you find stocks using your own rules. And criteria can be as precise as you want so you can zero in on the best investments for your strategy.

StockRover Customized Stock Screener
A custom stock screener based on my criteria

Pre-built screeners include Buttetology Inspired, CAN SLIM, Capital Efficiency, Growth at a Reasonable Price, S&P 500 Outperformers, and Strong Buys. Custom fields include fundamental and technical analysis metrics, ratios, analyst ratings and custom-calculated fields.


Investment comparison tools give you insights into how investments stack up against each other. And these use many of the same options as the screeners. Options include fundamentals, technical criteria, analyst ratings, analyst estimates, Stock Rover ratings and dividend analysis.

StockRover Comparison Chart
A comparison table looking at the top 25 S&P 500 revenue growers

You can open tables based on your portfolio, watchlists and screeners. And as with other areas, Stock Rover provides a good list of examples to get you started.

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