1. Banking 101

Making Deposits at an ATM

If you’re making a deposit at an ATM, the process for endorsing a check is the same, but you won’t need to fill out a deposit slip. And while you can withdraw money from any bank’s ATM, you’ll need to use one of your own bank’s ATMs to make a deposit. If you use an online-only bank, you may be able to make deposits at certain ATMs. You can generally deposit both checks and cash at ATMs.

Insert your debit card in the machine and enter your personal identification number (PIN) to access your account. Follow the instructions on the screen to tell the system which account to deposit your money to. Next, you will usually key in the amount of your deposit. Some ATMs don’t require this step because they will read your checks or count your bills when you insert them, then ask you to verify the amount before finalizing your deposit.

Depending on the ATM, you will then either put your deposit in an envelope before putting it into the ATM or you will put it directly into the ATM without an envelope. Get a receipt for your deposit in case there is a problem with the way it credits to your account—this is unlikely, but it’s better to be prepared.

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