1. Banking 101

Making Deposits in Person at a Branch

The old-fashioned way to deposit a check or cash is to visit a branch of your bank in person, wait in line, and present the money to the teller along with a deposit slip, which is usually available at a stand near where the line starts. If you have a checkbook, you may find deposit slips with your checks. Here’s a sample: 

Deposit slips available at the bank will not contain any of your account information, whereas the ones that come with your checkbook will, saving you the effort of filling in your information on the bank’s generic deposit slip. List each check by check number and amount where indicated on the deposit slip. If you’re depositing cash, list the total amount on the line designated for cash. 

When you reach the teller, you may need to swipe your ATM card and/or present your photo ID. Then the teller will deposit your money into your account and, if you wish, give you a receipt.

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