2. Numerical Integration

MATLAB Double Integral

To evaluate integrals of the form

MATLAB Double Integral

MATLAB provides a function dblquad. The calling syntax for dblquad is

I=dblquad (‘fxy-fun’,xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,tol,@method)

where tol and method are optional input arguments. The optional argument tol specified tolerance (default value is 10-6), as previously discussed for 1-D integration, and method determines a choice that the user makes about the purpose of integration to be used, e.g., quad and quad1. The default method is quad. The user-defined integrand function fxy-fun,must be written that it can accept a vector x and a scalar y while evaluating the integrand.


Let us compute the following integral

MATLAB Double Integral

It is merely to verify analytically that I=4. Let us see how dblquad execute on this integral.

>> F = Inline ('1-6*x.^2*y^' );                      // Create the integrand as Inline function.  
>> I = dblquad (F, 0, 2, -1, 1)  
I =  

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