‘Mb‘ is the unit symbol for the Megabyte. A Megabyte is a made up of multiple unit bytes, which stores the digital information and denotes the size of data. A byte is a size, which is made up of 8 bits. A bit is a single unit of data. It can be ‘0’ or ‘1’. And, the short form of Megabyte is Mbyte or meg.

In the word megabyte, mega denotes the sixth power of 10, which means 106.

1 Megabyte is equivalent to the following values:

  • 106 bytes (B),
  • 1,000,000 bytes (B),
  • 220 bytes (B),
  • 1,024 kilobytes (Kb) or
  • 1,048,576 bytes.

A megabyte is that unit which is larger than a kilobyte (Kb) and smaller than the unit gigabyte (Gb). A megabyte is used for measuring the size of large files. It also measures the text format, bitmap images, video files, or compressed/uncompressed audio files. The capacity of CD (compact disk) is measured in megabytes.

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