5. Merrill edge review

Merrill Edge Pricing and Fees

Merrill Edge doesn’t charge commissions on stock and ETF trades. You don’t pay account maintenance fees either.

However, different order types and investments have various fees:

  • Broker-Assisted Trades: $29.95.
  • Options: $0.65 per contract.
  • Mutual Funds: $19.95 for funds outside of the no transaction fee (NTF) group
  • Fixed Income & Bonds: $1 per bond ($10 minimum and $250 maximum)
  • Margin Rates: Ranges from 7.50% plus base lending rate to 8.50% plus base lending rate depending on loan amount. Merrill Edge doesn’t include pricing for customers with $250,000+ in assets or margin loans greater than $1 million.

Finally, you pay various account fees in some scenarios:

  • Canceled Checks: $3.
  • Returned Deposits: $20.
  • Wire Transfer: $24.95.
  • Stop Payments: $25.
  • Full Account Transfers: $49.95.
  • Account Closeout: $49.95.

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