3. Types of computer


Microcomputer is also known as a personal computer. It is a general-purpose computer that is designed for individual use. It has a microprocessor as a central processing unit, memory, storage area, input unit and output unit. Laptops and desktop computers are examples of microcomputers. They are suitable for personal work that may be making an assignment, watching a movie, or at office for office work.

Characteristics of a microcomputer:

  • It is the smallest in size among all types of computers.
  • A limited number of software can be used.
  • It is designed for personal work and applications. Only one user can work at a time.
  • It is less expansive and easy to use.
  • It does not require the user to have special skills or training to use it.
  • Generally, comes with single semiconductor chip.
  • It is capable of multitasking such as printing, scanning, browsing, watching videos, etc.

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