A Minicomputer is also referred to as Mini, is a class of small computing devices. It was developed in the mid of 1960s. It has all the features and functionality of a large computer, but it is smaller in size. It lies in the middle range of computing systems, between the mainframe and microcomputer as it is smaller than the mainframe and larger than a microcomputer.

The Minicomputers are multiprocessing computer. It consists of two or more processors. The Minicomputers are used in an organization for basic tasks such as billing, accounting, and inventory management.

It was named minicomputer to describe it as the smaller computer that holds the transistors and core memory technologies.

A computer class contains several groups with its software architectures and operating systems. The minicomputer was developed for computing tasks such as calculation, store records, controls, human interactions, etc.

In this section, we will discuss the following points about the minicomputer:

  • History of Minicomputer
  • Size of Minicomputer
  • Types of Minicomputers
  • Characteristics of Minicomputer
  • Application of Minicomputer
  • Usage of Minicomputer
  • Advantages of Minicomputer
  • Disadvantages of Minicomputer

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