10. Motley Fool stock advisor vs Rule breakers

Motley Fool Stock Advisor vs. Rule Breakers Overview

Both Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers are published by The Motley Fool, which was founded by brothers Tom and David Gardner. Both newsletters claim that their picks far exceed the regular returns of the market, so the theory is that if you add the picks from these newsletters to your portfolio, you’re likely to see good results.

Stock Advisor Is Best For:Rule Breakers Is Best For:
Beginner stock investing adviceMore advanced investing advice
Help building your portfolioHelp finding breakout stock picks
Medium risk toleranceHigher risk tolerance
Lower annual priceMore in-depth analysis
Investing in a variety of sectorsFocusing on tech, biotech, and emerging sectors
Beating the marketHigh-momentum growth stocks

About Stock Advisor

In order to provide stock picks, Tom and David each use a team of analysts. There’s a new stock recommended each month by each team (two recommendations per month). The idea is that these stocks are likely to provide solid long-term returns in a portfolio. Stock Advisor also offers a list of five stocks that should be bought with new money.

Tom and David have slightly different styles when analyzing and picking stocks, and their teams recommend stocks accordingly. Tom takes a more concrete approach, using fundamental analysis. While David’s picks also rely on data analysis, he also uses intangibles that are a bit less rigorous and based more on a gut feeling.

About Rule Breakers

Rule Breakers stocks are hand-picked by David. The focus is on stocks that are considered opportunities for growth. As the name implies, Rule Breakers takes a look at companies that might be counterintuitive additions to your portfolio. However, Rule Breakers also includes “Starter Stocks” that can help you get a jumpstart on your portfolio.

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