5. Hardware


It is a small handheld device designed to control or move the pointer (computer screen’s cursor) in a GUI (graphical user interface). It allows you to point to or select objects on a computer’s display screen. It is generally placed on a flat surface as we need to move it smoothly to control the pointer. Types of Mouse: Trackball mouse, Mechanical Mouse, Optical Mouse, Wireless Mouse, etc.

Main functions of a mouse:

  • Move the cursor: It is the main function of the mouse; to move the cursor on the screen.
  • Open or execute a program: It allows you to open a folder or document and execute a program. You are required to take the cursor on the folder and double click it to open it.
  • Select: It allows you to select text, file, or any other object.
  • Hovering: Hovering is an act of moving the mouse cursor over a clickable object. During hovering over an object, it displays information about the object without pressing any button of the mouse.
  • Scroll: It allows you to scroll up or down while viewing a long webpage or document.

Parts of a mouse:

  • Two buttons: A mouse is provided with two buttons for right click and left click.
  • Scroll Wheel: A wheel located between the right and left buttons, which is used to scroll up and down and Zoom in and Zoom out in some applications like AutoCAD.
  • Battery: A battery is required in a wireless mouse.
  • Motion Detection Assembly: A mouse can have a trackball or an optical sensor to provide signals to the computer about the motion and location of the mouse.

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