6. Capacitors and Capacitance

Multi-plate Capacitor

capacitor construction

Now we have five plates connected to one lead (A) and four plates to the other lead (B). Then BOTH sides of the four plates connected to lead B are in contact with the dielectric, whereas only one side of each of the outer plates connected to A is in contact with the dielectric. Then as above, the useful surface area of each set of plates is only eight and its capacitance is therefore given as:

eight plate capacitor

Modern capacitors can be classified according to the characteristics and properties of their insulating dielectric:

  • Low Loss, High Stability such as Mica, Low-K Ceramic, Polystyrene.
  • Medium Loss, Medium Stability such as Paper, Plastic Film, High-K Ceramic.
  • Polarized Capacitors such as Electrolytic’s, Tantalum’s.

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