2. Types of financial services provided by banks

Other Types of Financial Services

Financial service organizations provide a wide variety of products and services to meet the demands of a diversified spectrum of clients. Let us take an overview on other different types of financial services provided by banks and financial institutions to their customers across worldwide.

Under Market Activities

  • Share transfer agencies,
  • Money market operations,
  • Stock market operations,
  • Futures, options, and derivatives,
  • Retail market operations,
  • Asset management, and more.

Under Risk Finance Products and Services

  • Insurance,
  • Export credit guarantee,
  • Other Insurance related products.

Under Consulting Services

  • Investment valuation services,
  • Project rehabilitation services,
  • Business consulting services,
  • Project preparation services,
  • Project evaluation services,
  • Options including re-engineering, mergers and acquisitions,
  • credit rating services, and more.

Under Provision of Financial Resources

  • Managing Investible Money,
  • Mutual and pension funds,
  • Portfolio management,
  • Merchant banking and other financial services.

Under Research and Development

  • Investor education,
  • Employee training, and more.

Under Provision of Financial Services Funds

  • Banking services,
  • Asset finance,
  • Factoring and forfeiting,
  • Venture capital and more.


It is the primary task of financial institutions to take advantage of the resources that are available, distribution of finance investment, lowering risk via aggregation and more. Hope this information on different types of financial services will be much useful to you.

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