Hyperbaric chamber treatment


Before treatment, it’s important to shower and avoid all perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays (and styling products). Wigs and jewelry are not allowed inside the chamber. Alcohol and carbonated drinks should be avoided for at least four hours before HBOT.

Smokers are encouraged to quit smoking during the time span that they receive therapy because tobacco products block the body’s natural ability to transport oxygen.

To minimize problems with ears and sinuses, techniques (such as yawning or swallowing) are taught for adequate clearing of the ears. Sometimes tubes are inserted into the ears to minimize issues that result from pressure in the ears during HBOT.

The following are questions that healthcare professionals commonly ask before treatment:

  • Do you have any cold, nasal congestion, or flu symptoms?
  • Do you have a fever?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Have you eaten prior to treatment?
  • If you have diabetes, did you take your insulin before treatment?
  • Has there been any recent change in your medications?
  • Do you have anxiety?

Once HBOT is completed, there are no activity or dietary limitations that follow.

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