1.How to invest in cryptocurrency ?

Pros and Cons of Investing in Cryptocurrency


  • Possibility of massive gains: Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is the best-performing investable asset of the last decade. It may tank, or it may continue its skyward trajectory.
  • Support an emerging technology: Blockchain technology is touching nearly every sector — public, fintech, medical— and your investment in crypto is supporting those sectors.
  • You can earn some for “free”: You can’t “mine” stocks, nor can you watch short videos to earn free real estate — but you can do either to earn free crypto!
  • Buying crypto isn’t the only way to invest: Crypto and blockchain ETFs are convenient ways for stock traders to add crypto to their portfolio without exposing themselves to the high risk of holding actual crypto.


  • High risk and volatility: Crypto is still too unpredictable to bet the farm on, which is why traditional wealth advisors recommend limiting your portfolio allocation to 10% at max — if at all.
  • Vulnerable to theft, fraud, and scams: Squid is just the latest cryptocurrency scam where its developers made off with $3.38 million of investors’ money. Most victims of the 2014 Mt. Gox hack, where 850,000 Bitcoin were stolen, has yet to see a single coin returned.

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