1. Simple Harmonic Motion

Quantitative Analysis of SHM

Let us consider a particle executing Simple Harmonic Motion between A and A1 about passing through the mean position (or) equilibrium position (O). Its analysis is as follows

SHM about Position O

Displacementx = -Ax = 0x = +A
Acceleration|a| = Maxa = 0|a| = max
Speed|v| = 0|v| = Max|v| = 0
Kinetic energyKE = 0KE = MaxKE = 0
Potential energyPE = MaxPE = MinPE = Max

Equation of Position of a Particle as a Function of Time

Let us consider a particle, which is executing SHM at time t = 0, the particle is at a distance from the equilibrium position.

Necessary conditions for Simple Harmonic Motion

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