6. Capacitors and Capacitance

Real capacitors

Capacitors are the electronic components that provide the capacitance required in electrical and electronic circuits.

Capacitors come in a wide variety of forms, each with its own properties. The physical capacitors may be either surface mount or the traditional leaded varieties as well as having different form factors and electrical performance properties.

Note on the Types of Capacitor:

There are many different types of capacitor that are available. Although capacitance is a universal measure, different capacitors have different characteristics in terms of elements like maximum current capability, frequency response, size, voltage, stability, tolerance and the like. To accommodate these parameters some capacitor types are better than others in some applications,

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Selection of leaded & SMD types of capacitor.

Selecting the right capacitor is not only a matter of choosing the right level of capacitance, but also many other aspects including the dielectric, size, levels of equivalent series resistance and many more items.

In view of all these requirements, there is a very wide selection of these electronic components available for use in electrical and electronic circuit designs, etc.

Capacitance is one of the main parameters associated with electrical and electronic science. Capacitance equations and calculations are used everyday in electronic circuit design and many other areas, and capacitance is not a measure that is only associated with capacitors, there can be levels of capacitance in many other electronic components including resistors, inductors, wires, printed circuit boards and many other items.

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