1. Reflection and Refraction of light

Refraction of Light in Real Life

  • Mirage and looming are optical illusions which are a result of refraction of light.
  • A swimming pool always looks shallower than it really is because the light coming from the bottom of the pool bends at the surface due to refraction of light.
  • Formation of a rainbow is an example of refraction as the sun rays bend through the raindrops resulting in the rainbow.
  • When white light passes through a prism it is split into its component colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet due to refraction of light.

Applications of Refraction of Light

Refraction has many applications in optics and technology. A few of the prominent applications are listed below:

  • A lens uses refraction to form an image of an object for various purposes, such as magnification.
  • Spectacles worn by people with defective vision use the principle of refraction.
  • Refraction is used in peepholes of house doors, cameras, movie projectors and telescopes.

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