5. Renal Hemodynamics

Renal Hemodynamics

You can measure the renal arterial flow for renal resistive index or renal venous flow to assess for venous congestion. Both arterial and venous waveforms can give you significant information to predict Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) or to help limit venous congestion by limiting IV fluid administration.

The good news is that you can usually get the arterial AND venous waveforms in one tracing which we will show you exactly how to do below!

Step 1: Place Color Flow Doppler on the Kidney.

Editor’s Note: Make sure to decrease your color Doppler scale to about 12-25 cm/s and increase your color Doppler gain after as needed.

Renal Ultrasound Doppler - Normal

Step 2: Place pulse wave Doppler gate interlobar vessels and activate Doppler

Normal Renal Doppler - Resistive Index and Venous - No measurement done

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