5. Renal Hemodynamics

Renal Venous Congestion

Renal venous congestion can be evaluated by looking at the intrarenal venous Doppler tracings that occur below the baseline. For more indepth details, make sure to read our complete article on the VExUS ultrasound score to help you predict venous congestion.

Below is a quick summary on how to interpret the intravenous venous Doppler tracings:

Normal Intrarenal Vein

Normal Renal Vein Doppler
Renal Doppler Grade 0

Mild Intrarenal Vein

Mild Renal Vein Abnl
Renal Doppler Grade 1

Severe Intrarenal Vein

Severe Renal Vein Abnl
Renal Doppler Grade 2

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