7. Stock rover review

Research Reports

Stock Rover research reports are generated on demand and include details on a company’s latest financial results, financial analysis, ratings and peer comparisons, dividend data and investment warnings.

StockRover Research Report Example
An example research report showing the first sections of a report on CBRE Group

You can view reports through your web browser, print them or download them as a PDF. And if you export the report as a PDF, it can be read easily on nearly any device.


Stock Rover’s tools give you instant up-to-date portfolio analysis comparable to what professional analysts use to build client portfolios and manage investment funds. You can create portfolios manually, view them based on screening or watchlist criteria, or connect with your brokerage account.

The portfolio features are helpful for accurately tracking multiple accounts — even at numerous brokerages — with essential data just a few clicks away.


Stock Rover’s active charting tools include everything most traders could ask for. Advanced and professional traders will likely find their needs met with the charting tool options, including valuation, technicals, fundamentals, events and different chart types.

StockRover Customized Chart
Custom created chart view

Future Simulations (in BETA)

A recent Stock Rover feature, future simulations let you forecast the performance of your portfolio using with Monte Carlo simulations based on historical stock returns and rules for withdrawals and rebalancing.

Stock Rover future simulation

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